Customer-facing teams live in an intense, interrupt-driven world.

Hair-on-Fire issues. Escalations. Backlogs. Customer retention. Employee retention. Service Level Agreement violations. All ‘urgent’ issues that need to be taken care of now.

And yet as leaders, we are expected to plan for and address the ‘important’– things that truly make a difference for our customers, employees and the business. Eventually.

However, addressing the ‘important’ has many possible options– with different implications on budget, impact and internal disruption — that could theoretically achieve the business objective we are trying to accomplish. We often make our decisions today based on intuition alone.

Wouldn’t it be great if we as leaders knew what the smartest thing to do next was. Based on data and on what has worked for organizations with similar characteristics that are trying to accomplish the same objectives?

What if the smartest thing to do next also took into account our team’s ability to execute them successfully?

Wait – while we are wishing, what if this was based on measures that were truly important and showed you that you were on track?

Klever has everything you need to help your teams:

  • Improve employee experience
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve operational capabilities
  • All based on a modern open metrics standard — Open Customer Metrics Framework (

You can get started immediately, either with our flagship subscription software solution, or a stand alone offering. If you would prefer to discuss options, schedule an appointment with a co-founder now.

Our Flagship Software Solution

Klever Insight– Our flagship software solution empowers your support team. Klever Insight is an Insight-as-a-Service that assesses your team’s capabilities, and then provides continuous, timely, contextual guidance– what to do next and how to do it. Klever Insight defines what measures are important helps you and your team track and measure progress.


Other Klever Solutions

If you are looking for point solutions, we have the best of Klever Insight as stand-alone offerings.

Do you feel the need to understand your support team’s capabilities. What are their strengths and their weaknesses?

Customer Support Capability Assessment– Gain insight into your customer support team. This Assessment analyzes perceptions about the organization’s abilities viewed through multiple lenses.

Do you need to make changes to technology, processes, and communications that deliver quick, real and dramatic improvements?

Klever Accelerator–  Onsite solution. Rapid time to value – The Klever Accelerator delivers an entire project in under 3 months. Assessments are completed in 2 days onsite, and actionable project plans are delivered in 2 weeks.

It’s proven. Knowledge sharing helps you optimize customer support. Is your knowledge management program your current focus?

Knowledge Sharing Capability Assessment– We ask simple yet powerful questions to gauge the perceptions of knowledge-sharing across four important dimensions. Gain the insight, benchmarks and guidance to make your knowledge program succeed.

You could accelerate your team’s customer support capability by teaching your teams why and how to share knowledge.

 Knowledge Sharing Skills Everyone Can Master– Online training. Self-paced. Anytime. Any day. The best 30 minutes of training your employees will experience.

To discuss your team’s needs and to truly make a difference,  schedule an appointment with a co-founder now.