We work with leaders in service and support organizations who believe that support is more than just taking care of a customer after they have a problem.


Leaders who want to be able to rise above the fire-fighting nature of support so that they can solve both problems and root causes.

We believe every company can learn how to listen to their customers, employees and their business and apply what they learn. We also believe that champions of these efforts shouldn’t have to take this journey alone. We’re here to share what we know.

Klever was born from deep hands-on expertise in intense support environments where survival depends on what you know and how fast you solve problems.

But we know that while the principles of modern customer support are simple, putting it into practice in the interrupt-driven world of support is really hard. Solving problems as well as root causes. Taking care of employees as well as customers. Creating an environment of listening and learning instead of control and compliance.

Traditional solutions think technology alone is the answer. We believe it’s not about placating a single customer at a time, but putting what you learn about customers, employees and the business and sharing (and acting) on those insights with the rest of the business. It requires a focus not just on tools but also on people, process, leadership and measurements.

Klever enables empowered experts everywhere.

 It was developed by experts who are passionate about helping your organization get the most from the people and knowledge you already have.

Only Klever combines technology and methodology. Process and principle. Powerful tools built on a foundation of deep hands-on expertise and award-winning techniques. Delivered in a way that brings the best of your organization to each customer interaction, lifting up your people with it, providing lasting value to all.

Feb 2017


Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management

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Jan 2017

Invited to be on TSIA’s Partner Advisory Board

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Oct 2016

HP Enterprise wins prestigious TSIA Star Award for Best Practices in Knowledge Management in 2016, showing a bottom line savings of $58M.

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April 2016

Our story-icon- launch beta klever insight

Launched Beta for Flagship Software, Klever Insight with Fortune 50 enterprise as first customer.

About Klever Insight


Jan 2016

HP Enterprise wins President’s Quality Award from CEO Meg Whitman, in 2015 and cites Klever partnership for making this happen.

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March 2016

Our story-icon- ocmf group

Published Open Customer Metrics Framework and Launched


3-Year Milestone – Breakthrough from Productized Services to Software

Our story-icon- second Klever Benchmark Report -201600203-V1-kg

March 2016

Published second Klever Benchmark Report: The State of Knowledge Sharing 2016.

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Our story-icon-Released the Customer Support Capability Assessment-201600203-V1-kg

January 2016

Released the Customer Support Capability Assessment.

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Our story-icon-movement to create a new open framework for customer support-201600203-V1-kg 2

December 2015

Started the movement to create a new open framework for customer support, that became the OCMF group.

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Our story-icon-balancing customer needs with business imperatives-201600203-V1-kg

November 2015

Broadened our message to encompass customer support – to integrate knowledge about your customers with knowledge about your business provides lasting value to both.

Our story-icon- first Klever Benchmark Report-201600203-V1-kg

April 2015

Published first Klever Benchmark Report: The State of Knowledge Sharing 2015

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Our story-icon-klever turns 2-20150320-V1-kg 2

April 2015

Klever celebrates their 2nd Anniversary!

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May 2014

Voted Top 10 in CRM Idol 2014 Contest.


May 2014

Klever wins the 2014 TechBEST award at TSIA’s Silicon Valley conference. Distinguished experts Esteban Kolsky, John Ragsdale and Professor Sri Venkataraman form the first Klever Board of Advisors.


April 2014

Klever turns 1!
An expert in organizational behavior who evaluates us says Klever has the “highest scores for trust” he has ever seen.


September 2013

Klever unleashes the Klever Accelerator.

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September 2013

Hello World! Klever goes live.


April 2013

Klever is officially formed. Klever is a TSIA ‘Vision Award’ finalist for a ‘truly game-changing idea’, a NC IDEA finalist and a Charlotte Venture Challenge semi-finalist.


March 2013

Marty Coyne joins as lead investor and advisor to the CEO. Marty ran a $9B business at Kodak, is a long-time independent director at Akamai Technologies, and recognized by the National Association of Corporate Directors as one of the top 100 directors.



Phil, Adam, Bill and Kajoli start working on what eventually becomes Klever.



The Klever journey began when Phil got tired of answering the same questions over and over again while doing technical support. There had to be a better way to share knowledge.