With our deep domain expertise in running complex mission-critical Customer Support Operations, and working with customers around the world, Klever realized that even the best support organizations struggled with two things.

What to measure and why?

There simply isn’t a standard in the industry. So we did quite a bit of research in Klever Labs and realized that we could get better still if we opened up the research and made it an open standard. We invited a broad group of leaders and organizations to spark a collaborative dialogue that resulted in the Open Customer Metrics Framework. (Download the white paper here.)

We hope you will benefit from the work we have put in and will pay it forward by contributing, sharing or letting others know about it.twitter blue 50 x50

While the Open Customer Metrics Framework allows companies to focus their efforts on what is important and provide the measurements necessary to track progress, making this part of your DNA is really hard. Klever can help you in three ways.

Want to know where you stand now?

If you are struggling with knowing how well you are listening to your customers, employees and the business, and applying what you learn, consider having your teams take the Klever Support Capability Assessment.

This simple yet powerful assessment asks your teams to answer 14 questions. Our algorithms analyze the data through two lenses:

  • Listening and Learning Quadrant —How well do you listen to your customers, employees and the business and how well do you apply what you learn?
  • Alignment, Behavior and Capability — How well are the needs of your customers, employees and business aligned? What behaviors of your team help or hinder how capable your team is in applying what you learn about customers, employees and the business?

You get specific, practical, actionable insight and advice you can use immediately to build on what you need to next.

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Struggling with the Knowledge category in the Open Customer Metrics Framework?

Or thinking of starting or re-starting a knowledge sharing program? Consider having your teams take the Knowledge Sharing Capability Assessment.

This simple yet powerful assessment asks your team to answer 14 questions. Our algorithms analyze the data through two lenses:

  • Thinking Strategically and Executing Effectively Quadrant —  are you actually ‘walking the walk’ as well as you ‘talk the talk’ about knowledge-sharing?
  • People/Leadership, Process, Culture and Technology — how capable are you of sustaining a knowledge-sharing program?

The Knowledge Sharing Capability Assessment isKCS_Aligned_final_color

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Want ‘coach in the cloud’ software that continually learns and gives you prioritized feedback on what to do next to achieve your goals?

That’s our flagship software, Klever Insight. Klever Insight is an ‘insight-to-execution’ engine  that uses the context from the Klever Support Capability Assessment and data from your existing CRM tools to give specific, ongoing customized insights for executives, managers and front-line staff to help you make progress toward your end goals.

Klever Insight is what we wished we had when we ran support operations. Nothing like this exists, so we built it.

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