Klever Labs is where we explore the ‘adjacent possible’ for issues that have no easy solutions.

The idea is to balance our deep expertise in services and operations with our deep ignorance in many other fields to uncover fresh new ways of thinking.

We explore a wide range of areas — from behavioral science to cultural anthropology, from machine learning to network theory, from poverty alleviation to social physics.

We believe that it is this exploration that allows us to come up with ‘combinatorial innovations’ – ones that build on elements that already exist, but apply them in practical new ways.

Some of these explorations have resulted in significant breakthroughs and have enabled our customers to win awards and accolades from their customers. Other explorations don’t work out as well at first  – but each one uncovers new adjacent possibilities we would not have discovered had we not taken the time to explore.

Klever Labs is a big part of our DNA. After all, just two months after we were formed, we received a Vision Award from one of the leading industry associations, the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA).


“In recognition of a truly game-changing idea in technology services
that advances our industry and shapes emerging trends”
Vision Award Finalist, May 2013

Our most recent work has the potential to impact millions of customers and employees — the Open Customer Metrics Framework.

All of this is foundational work for our  flagship software. Be a part of Klever’s next innovation, Klever Insight.