In the intense, interrupt-driven support environment, it is hard enough to take care of our customers, employees and our business and also apply what we learn about each. We experienced this first hand.

We couldn’t find any software to help us. So we created Klever Insight.

Announcing our flagship subscription software, Klever Insight.

Klever Insight continually answers 3 critical questions for leaders and managers.


Here’s How

Step 1: Assessment

Your customer-facing teams take a short, powerful survey. Klever Insight analyzes the Alignment and Behavior of your teams through multiple lenses and recommends the smartest area to focus on based on your team’s capabilities.

Step 2: Recommendations

We don’t stop there. Areas of focus include specific, actionable, contextual recommendations on how to apply what you know about customers, employees and the business. Every recommendation includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to implement it.

Step 3: Measure progress

Each area of focus and each recommendation includes ways to measure the work being done, based on a modern, open, customer metrics framework. You not only see the progress being made but see tangible proof of your success.

Step 4: Continuous learning

Continual, ongoing recommendations that change as you progress.


  • Improved employee experience
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved operational capabilities

How Do We Know It Works?

  • Assessment and resulting recommendations
    HP Enterprise wins President’s Quality Award from CEO Meg Whitman, in 2015 and cites Klever partnership for making this happen.
    (Case Study)
  • HP Enterprise wins prestigious TSIA Star Award for Best Practices in Knowledge Management in 2016, showing a bottom line savings of $58M.
  • Contextual, actionable, specific steps on what to do
    Tyler Technologies gets 300% productivity improvement and 350% reduction in cost avoidance, all while increasing employee engagement and customer satisfaction. All in 3 months.
    (Case Study)
  • Metrics Framework
    Led the formation of first-ever industry standard.
    Open Customer Metrics Framework ( with leading industry associations and enterprises.

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