Rapid Productivity Solutions

Concerned that your customer support capability isn’t improving rapidly enough to meet demand, especially while you’re facing 20-100% employee churn?

The Klever Accelerator prepares you for massive growth in support volume while you increase customer satisfaction and employee morale, all with no additional staff. It focuses on simplifying and redesigning complex processes to improve organizational and company-wide performance and drive extraordinary results – 30 – 300% productivity improvements.

Make changes to technology, processes, and communications that deliver real, dramatic improvements.

Rapid time to value – The Klever Accelerator delivers an entire project in under 3 months. Assessments are completed in 2 days onsite, and actionable project plans are delivered in 2 weeks.

Objective and quantifiable results – The Klever Accelerator has delivered results that have impacted the bottom line for numerous clients – significant and measurable productivity improvements, cost reduction, customer success, and employee onboarding time.


Four steps to accelerate productivity

The process is simple and the results are profound. With specific and rapid changes to your processes, technology, and communication,
the Klever Accelerator can help you increase your productivity with no additional investment in tools or resources.
Here’s how:



Assess perceptions that underscore day-to-day behaviors and performance.

Understand the perceptions across your enterprise that your employees have about your customer support capabilities, uncovering gaps, hidden agendas, and areas to focus attention that will yield lasting productivity improvements.

If you’re seeking to balance customer needs with business imperatives, Klever Accelerator starts with the Customer Support Capability Assessment.


Action Plan

Define the gaps and opportunities for improvement

Action plans provide focused, practical advice for addressing specific areas uncovered in the assessment and the diagnostic visit. We provide practical, tangible advice – the specific changes necessary in technology, processes, behaviors, and communication – so you know where and how to get started.


Implementation Review

Feedback loop to ensure continuing progress and acceleration

The implementation review encapsulates the results of the action plans. How much productivity benefit did you realize? Did the changes to technology or processes fit with your culture? What area should be the next target for improvement?


Ongoing Coaching

Anchor the culture of empowered customer support and knowledge sharing

This is the most important step in ensuring long-term success. Ongoing coaching solves a critical problem. The action plans give you a starting point, but the coaching gives you the resources you need, to know how to pivot. We help you avoid common mistakes, define and evolve measures and metrics, and avoid re-inventing the wheel.

Klever’s Accelerator enhances your team’s productivity from 30 – 300% with the tools and people you already have in place.

Turn assessments into action. Get rapid productivity improvements with Klever Accelerator.