Benchmarks. Actionable results.

Are you faced with a sea of data and wonder why it’s not helping you drive higher-level business outcomes?

Your customers expect an excellent experience every time they interact with you. But, how do you balance these expectations with the pressure to reduce your impact on margins? And how do you get your managers to look up from their dashboard and address root causes when they face 20-100% employee churn every year.

Stop wondering. Start with Klever Enterprise Assessments.

Providing insight, benchmarking and guidance to empower customer support

The Klever Enterprise Assessments provide an outside perspective on your customer service and support capabilities and benchmarks against the most comprehensive dataset from organizations of all sizes, industries, and geography. Gain 360-degree insight into all levels of the organization and identify gaps in two primary disciplines.


Customer Support Capability Assessment-2

Customer Support Capability Assessment

Assess employees’ perceptions about your organization’s ability to scale while balancing customer needs with business imperatives.

This simple, yet powerful assessment asks your teams to answer 14 questions. Our algorithms analyze the data through two lenses:

  • Listening and Learning Quadrant — how well are you listening to your customers, your employees and your business and applying what you learn?
  • Alignment, Behavior and Capability— how capable are you of actually accomplishing what you want to do?





Knowledge Sharing Capability AssessmentKnowledge Sharing Capability Assessment

Add knowledge-sharing to your support DNA by assessing employees’ perceptions about your organization’s capability. Uncover your roadblocks and map a way forward.

This simple, yet powerful assessment asks your team to answer 14 questions. Our algorithms analyze the data through two lenses:

  • Thinking Strategically and Executing Effectively Quadrant — are you actually ‘walking the walk’ as well as you ‘talk the talk’ about knowledge-sharing?
  • People/Leadership, Process, Culture and Technology— how capable are you of sustaining a knowledge-sharing program?


KCS_Aligned_final_colorA KCS℠ aligned tool for any company starting or continuing their KCS journey.


Klever Assessments provide benchmarking in 4 simple steps.



Assess core perceptions of strengths and weaknesses at all levels of the organization.



Diagnose areas of specific needs, highlighting bottlenecks and providing actionable, tangible advice.



Baseline where you are today, then measure your progress going forward.



Benchmark your current capabilities against the industry.

The detailed analysis provides tangible, data-based guidance to focus efforts, create solid roadmaps, and establish benchmarks for measuring progress.


Take action on what you discover

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