What separates good customer service and support leaders from great is the ability to balance customer needs with business imperatives in a way that lifts your organization and the people within it.

Break away from a past that focuses primarily on serving customer needs without considering the business imperatives. Gain insight into how to create a balance.

Our assessment analyzes perceptions about the organization’s abilities viewed through multiple lenses.

Lens 1: Listening and Learning dimensions

What we look for: How well do you listen to your customers, employees and the business and how well do you apply what you learn?



Executive Summary: While you listen fairly well to your customers and the business, you don’t do as well in terms of listening to your employees. Additionally, your team perceives that you could do a better job at applying what you learn.

Lens 2: Alignment, Behavior, Capability dimensions

What we look for: How well are the needs of your customers, employees and business aligned? What behaviors of your team help or hinder how capable your team is in applying what you learn about customers, employees and the business?



Executive Summary: Your team feels supported in an environment where the right sets of behaviors augment the capabilities you have currently in place to meet current demand and future needs. Where you can make improvements is along the Alignment dimension.

We are always happy to schedule time to discuss your current situation and determine whether our customer support capability assessment will provide the insights you need to take that next step forward.


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