Klever Case Studies

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Case study: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise selected Klever tools and services to assess their knowledge-centered support programs and help validate that ongoing investment would help HPE achieve beyond best-in-class service.Hewlett Packard Enterprise has firmly established its reputation as an industry leader for advanced knowledge sharing, achieved through the dedicated execution of a five-year strategic plan that began in 2012. They systematically trained everyone in Knowledge-Centered SupportTM, identified top customer issues, uncovered knowledge gaps, filled in missing content, and fostered a culture of knowledge sharing. Today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise epitomizes beyond-best-in-class service offering assisted multichannel support based upon the “fix it once, use it often” best practice, a comprehensive customer self-help portal supported by “just-in-time” content crafted from the customer’s point of view, and intelligent swarming to resolve complex issues. Through the customer community, they foster interaction and collaboration among customers, nurture the value creators, and harvest user-generated knowledge into the knowledge base.

This partnership helped the HPE Customer Solution Center (CSC) KM team win the HPE President’s Quality Award in 2015.




Case Study: Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies applied knowledge sharing to support quick growth, increase customer satisfaction & decrease delivery costs.

Tyler Technologies is a $460M software solution provider that services public sector organizations. They address challenges in financial management, case management and taxation for local governments and schools, including the State of Kansas, Miami-Dade County, the Kentucky Department of Education, and Boston Public Schools. One of Tyler’s product areas is their court e-filing and serving platform. Through a unique public-private partnership, Tyler provides a better experience for courts and their broader community while not diverting precious tax resources from other important government services.

3 months
300% improvement in productivity 350% reduction in costs