The Klever Way: Empowered Support

The truth is, taking care of customers has never been easy.

We work with leaders in service and support organizations who believe that support is more than just taking care of a customer after they have a problem. We believe every company can learn how to listen to their customers, employees and their business and apply what they learn. We also believe that champions of these efforts shouldn’t have to take this journey alone.

Klever was born from deep hands-on expertise in intense support environments where survival depends on what you know and how fast you solve problems.

But, we know that while the principles of modern customer support are simple, putting it into practice in the interrupt-driven world of support is really hard. Solving problems as well as root causes. Taking care of employees as well as customers. Creating an environment where measures enable collaboration instead of compliance.

Traditional solutions think technology alone is the answer. However, a sustainable solution requires a focus not just on tools, but on people and process.

Listen to your customers, employees and business. Apply what you learn. Change your support DNA.

Despite all the innovation that’s happened in software, service and support organizations continue to struggle to achieve the expected productivity gains. That’s because in a highly interdependent system like support, technology only takes you so far.

Unlike firms that advocate a purely technology-based solution, Klever improves the people and process side of service effectiveness. We combine deep domain expertise, smart data and behavioral science techniques to provide customized insights and actionable steps for executives, managers and front-line team members. Only Klever combines technology and methodology, process and principle.

With the help of Klever software and services you will be able to integrate knowledge about your customers and employees with knowledge about your business, apply what you learn, and provide lasting value to both.

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