The Open Customer Metrics Framework V1 has arrived. 

Watch the webcast recording from March 22, 2016

Klever officially released the new open customer metrics framework in our new paper, Open Customer Metrics Framework [OCMF]: Time for Guiding, Not Grading, which reveals a framework that promises to change the way we think about customer support.The transformative work, begun by an influential group of collaborators,  will continue through OCMFGroup.Org.

Measurements are a way of communicating what is important to the organization. When leaders listen to their customers, employees and the business, and apply what they learn, they provide lasting value to all. Unfortunately, leaders of customer support organizations do not have a standard framework for reporting on what they measure. If anything, they measure too much and much of what they measure isn’t actionable.

Phil Verghis says, “We believe that it’s time for customer support to move from a culture of control and compliance to one of listening and learning.”

A good measurement system is simple enough to focus attention on a few key elements that are important to the organization and fair enough so that people at every level believe they can affect the measures. The framework has five high-level categories – customer, employee, business, knowledge/collaboration and acceleration – and, within that, suggested measures for executives and for managers.


Read Open Customer Metrics Framework white paper.

Read the press release.

Join the discussion in the Klever LinkedInGroup, Metrics, Measures and Madness.

Visit to learn more about how to use the framework in your enterprise.ocmf group Icon and logo 600x200

Want to find out where to begin in your organization? Participate in our current benchmark research, Customer Support Capability Assessment, or contact us to learn more.

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