A working group made up of representatives from several industry-leading companies and professional associations has wrapped up its discussion this January of a new framework for customer support. The result of a series of meetings is a framework that focuses on five high level metrics. The chart below reflects the working group’s current thinking. For those of you who have been following these conversations, the group combined the financial health and value KPIs into one, “Business,” to simplify the conversation and reflect the different perspectives among externally facing customer support, internal support, professional services, and public sector/non-profit organizations.

5 High Level Metrics

We’re working behind the scenes now to complete the details of the framework and release the first version in February 2016. The full report will provide the definitions of each high level metric and the rationale behind each to help guide the activities and behaviors that matter most. It will also suggest how metrics you already gather can fit into the framework and point to new metrics and emerging concepts. For the first time, an industry standard framework can provide guidance for the metrics executives care about and how to align supporting metrics and measures for managers and front line professionals.

Please join the conversations in our LinkedIn Group.

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