Probably one of the best documented relationships between individual service and support measures is between knowledge sharing and customer satisfaction (and customer experience, these days). Our entire industry relies on the well-proven notion that a large part of the service and support experience is about delivering knowledge we have to our customers in a timely, easy-to-consume way. Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) provides an excellent roadmap for companies that need to make knowledge sharing part of their service and support DNA.

Creating an extraordinary customer experience requires that we get content out of the brains of our best performers and into our customers’ hands quickly and in a way that scales as our organization grows.

Here are some terrific resources on how knowledge sharing affects customer satisfaction:

  1. The Consortium for Service Innovation (the organization that maintains and evolves KCS) has a very sharp article on ways to measure the effect of knowledge sharing on customer satisfaction.
  2. One of my recent blogs, Take your customers off pause – the relationship of customer satisfaction to knowledge sharing, lays out the relationship, focusing on the importance of speed in delivering knowledge and its impact on the customer experience.
  3. Esteban Kolsky’s terrific presentation How Knowledge is Changing Customer Service gets to the heart of the relationship between knowledge and customer satisfaction in four interrelated articles he created for Coveo.
  4. Roy Atkinson, John Custy, and Rick Joslin provide great insights on how the relationship between knowledge and customer satisfaction works when deploying two, deeply related practices: KCS and ITIL (a framework for value creation in internal IT support), called Synergies between ITIL® and Knowledge-Centered Support (KCSSM).
  5. John Ragsdale gives us insights into how companies are evolving to take advantage of this relationship between knowledge and customer satisfaction in his article What I Heard at the CRM Evolution Conference 2015.

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