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For decades, customer service and support leaders have been overwhelmed with data from CRM systems, ACD reports, industry statistics and benchmark reports as we try to glean nuggets to help us manage our organizations better. Lost in the sea of data is the intelligence on what metrics to focus on and the impact these metrics have at an operational level.

Why aren’t we leveraging the detailed metrics we already have? In many cases, we are unclear on what metrics really matter. As leaders, we often forget how difficult it is to translate “do the right thing for the customer” for a front-line employee with conflicting demands – like balancing cost with a great customer experience. (This happens when we set goals on quality and speed of resolution, two competing goals that drive very different behaviors.)

Support managers and executives are under increased pressure to think strategically. But, it is hard to learn how to deal with outcome-based measures that our customers and senior executives care about when we get lost in the minutiae of hold times, abandon rates, first contact resolution rates and cost per minute. Executives lose interest quickly when overwhelmed with operational metrics.

Insight to Optimize Customer Support: Six High-level Metrics

Service leaders need to provide a high level overview of the metrics that matter in an easy-to-consume dashboard, giving a thorough and accurate snapshot of the operation, minus the minutiae. Creating an effective executive dashboard will not only streamline support metrics tracking, but also provide a framework for discussions with executives and employees about the impact from changing budgets or investments in resources or technology.

TSIA and Klever recommend focusing on results in six high-level categories. These six metrics give context around three critical areas for customer support:

  • Aligning measurements with strategy
  • Creating an environment where we get the right behaviors needed to provide a superior
    customer and employee experience
  • Ensuring we have the capability to meet our existing and anticipated needs

A full report, scheduled for a December release, will explain why these are the true key performance indicators of a support organization and provide thoughts on the data sources for each.

  • Revenue/Profitability – How well are we meeting the needs of the business of our business?
  • Customer Composite Score – How well are we taking care of customers? (This normalizes scores like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty etc.)
  • Employee Composite Score – How well are we taking care of employees?
  • Knowledge/Collaboration – How well are we capturing and re-using what we already know in
    our ecosystem?
  • Efficiency – How do we make sure we don’t go bankrupt delivering outstanding service?
  • Acceleration – What is the rate of progress against projects that will transform our business?

Join the Movement to Develop These New Standards and Metrics

Klever and TSIA are co-developing a new open standard around these new categories. We invite you to participate in its development. Join the Klever LinkedIn Discussion group today and watch for the full report, which will include recommended actions to create your own executive level report and dashboard. Refer to Metrics, Measures and Madness to learn more about outcome-based measures.

About Klever

An award-winning, global enterprise software and services company, Klever provides the tools and services to help you achieve customer support optimization. Unlike firms that advocate a purely technology-based solution, Klever improves the people and process side of service effectiveness. We make existing enterprise support platforms better by improving productivity between 30 and 300%. Klever has improved the experience for millions of end-customers with marquee clients and partners including HP Enterprise, Oracle, Allianz and Salesforce.

About TSIA

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the business of technology services. Technology services organizations large and small look to TSIA for world-class business frameworks, best practices based on real-world results, detailed performance benchmarking, exceptional peer networking opportunities, and high-profile certification and awards programs. TSIA corporate members represent the world’s top technology companies as well as scores of innovative small and mid-size businesses in four major markets: enterprise IT and telecom, consumer technology, healthcare and healthcare IT, and industrial equipment and technology

Klever and TSIA have co-developed an open standard for an Executive Dashboard for Customer Support. Please feel free to join us and make this the de facto standard for all.

A full report, scheduled for a December release, will explain why these are the true key performance indicators of a support organization and provide thoughts on the data sources for each.

You are welcome to use, copy, and/or modify this content under this Creative Commons license, provided you display this entire paragraph.

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