A fast growing, privately-funded high tech company focused on network intrusion detection and prevention with a footprint spanning the largest retailers and finance companies in the world.


This company was rolling out a new knowledge program in its support area. The team needed to add new members in both California and India. The complexity of the company’s solutions meant that support team members took up to 3 months, at minimum, to truly achieve competency. In addition, there was no formal learning and development team to leverage.


The knowledge team deployed training at two different moments of need. The first was formal, synchronous learning modules for the California and India teams to set context. The second learning module was at the third moment of need, the moment when the learner was trying to use or remember that knowledge.

Klever worked with one new team member over the course of two weeks converting existing, unstructured knowledge into a new template. Through the conversion process, she gained the depth of knowledge necessary to work independently and learned how to write excellent knowledge articles and find well-formed ones.


The outcome of the two programs was very solid, with new team members achieving competence more than 80% faster than the baseline. Beyond reduced competency, the rest of the team finds, uses/reuses and improves the shared knowledge much faster thanks to the wider implementation of just a few small habits. And, their backlog of cases is down.

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