A publicly-traded industrial supply company serving customers worldwide from its U.S. headquarters.


The company was rolling out a new knowledge program to its entire information technology organization, including knowledge about strategic planning, software and solution development, and end user support. The program was originally conceived as a project for the knowledge team. After the knowledge team completed the blueprint for the entire program, the team leader reached out to the learning and development team for help in selecting a platform to deliver e-learning modules. Team members met several times to discuss platforms and tools, which led to additional conversations about the content of the modules themselves.


The combined team – comprised of knowledge managers and training managers – changed the initial direction of the program blueprint and deployed formal e-learning modules through the corporate learning management system, rather than through recorded online sessions. The knowledge team drew on the expertise of the learning and development team for both content presentation and delivery systems. The result was a module that was easy to deploy with easy-to-track results.


The outcomes of the partnership were excellent. Since the program was new, there was not a baseline measure for time to competency. Instead, the knowledge team used two proxies for this measure—participation (articles put into the system) and quality. In the first three months, several hundred articles were successfully put into the system, and more than 95 percent passed the quality checklist.

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