We’ve all heard and the research verifies it: 50% of knowledge management initiatives fail in the first year, and 75% of organizations abandon the program within three years. One of our key clients recently postponed implementing their new tool until they understand why their previous efforts didn’t work as hoped or planned.

They don’t want to abandon ship; they are an experienced, knowledgeable team and they know improved knowledge sharing is the answer. They don’t want to keep repeating this version of their history and are spending time up front to ensure they take the right approach. We’re partnering with them to benchmark and diagnose their gaps, develop an action plan forward, and establish metrics to guide engagement and outcomes.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat as our client. Or, perhaps you’ve just completed KCS training ready to charge full steam ahead.. In either case – or somewhere in between – the next step forward is to benchmark where you are today. Check out the Klever Assessment, an online, simple, and highly revealing survey to get your organization’s perspectives. Then find out how people around your entire enterprise approach knowledge sharing with our Enterprise Assessment. Chances are high that some individuals in your organization will size up your situation differently than you do. Four different team members, potentially four different results.

  • Is everyone on your team on board with the idea?
  • Do they all want to share knowledge? Do you know?
  • Are some teams more willing than others to share their knowledge?
  • Are there different perceptions on the benefits of knowledge sharing?
  • Do different regions, organizations or roles have different challenges?

When all of your colleagues take the assessment, you will see your own organization’s strengths and weaknesses from several perspectives, invaluable insight for mapping your next course. The trick is to understand your reality and determine the best path forward – to avoid getting stuck in the sand, or worse yet, abandon ship.

With the benchmark in place and gaps revealed, you’re in a solid position to discuss the results as a team, identify gaps and bottlenecks that you might not have known existed, and create your next plan of action. Maybe you’ll discover areas where you’ve actually made strides forward and to what extent. What you don’t know – and could discover – may surprise you.

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