How to stop your online knowledge base from driving your customers crazy

Most of us have figured it out. Our customers have asked to get access to what we know faster, preferably online.

They wanted knowledge. We delivered knowledge. Lots of it. So much that our customers have to slog through tens or hundreds of documents to find what they really need.

Want to see how frustrated your customers are with your online knowledge base? Use the frustration equation.

NR x TD = Frustration

Here’s how you get your customer frustration score

Take a minute to look at the top 5 questions you answer. Do a quick search for each of the top five. How many results did you get back for each one? Take about 10% of your results, that’s your NR (number of results) score. Read through a few. How long does it take to digest each one? That your TD (time to digest) score. Multiply the NR times the TD for each of your top 5 questions.

What do your scores look like?

·Under 5 minutes – pretty good

·Under 10 minutes – not bad

·More than an hour – ouch!

So what can you do about it?

1.Look at how your knowledge is structured. Simplify it! Take a look at our sample content structure in the Klever Library. That directly affects your TD score!

2.What other documents bubble up with the same search? What keywords can you add to the best answer to make sure it comes up first? How can you change the keywords in the other articles to make fewer appear? Take a look at our library for advice on improving your search engine results!

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