A fast-growing, leading cloud-based tax management solution and services company.


The company was 6 months into their knowledge management program, following Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) as their best practice. After 6 months, the support teams were encountering challenges with findability. Part of the challenge was the number and complexity of products they supported. Part of that challenge had to do with the design of their system, such as having error messages with multiple potential root causes depending on the operating environment.


The knowledge team engaged Klever to provide training to their knowledge coaches and managers. While delving deeper into the KCS practices, we landed on the findability challenge. We identified several common areas where the support team regularly searched and found too much knowledge. As a result, they often couldn’t find the answer they needed and created another article. The team kicked off a program to tackle one area at a time and built complex article trees with if/then logic connecting them. Essentially, the team reproduced their own approach to getting to the correct article with the intention of exposing this content to their customers.


The outcome is still playing out, but the early returns are fantastic. The team is able to easily and simply search for and get results which show their first tree article always coming out on top, significantly reducing the time for both new and experienced team members to find the right knowledge article.

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