This is going to be a different blog, for those of you who have ever read one of my other posts. I’m not going to start with a long story (although this is a bit of an homage to the retiring David Letterman). I want tell you why you should look for knowledge-sharing experience every time you fill a position – experience with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), participation in a Community of Practice (CoP), contributions to a customer-facing community.

All of the potential reasons come down to this one. At every organization that has successfully implemented knowledge-sharing practices, the team has no desire to give them up. They see the value for themselves, their company and their customers/colleagues/partners. Adopting the habits of sharing knowledge has given them a critical set of skills and a different approach to their work.

So, without further delay, here are 10 reasons to hire a knowledge-sharing veteran.

1.Collaboration is a habit, not an afterthought – these vets share as part of how they do their work.

2.They are great at uncovering hidden knowledge – they have seen the value of sharing their own hidden knowledge and will find it wherever they go (and share it!).

3.They are more satisfied with their work – they use their documented knowledge to take care of repeat work quickly so they can dig into the more complex, more satisfying challenges.

4.They understand how their work supports the overall organization’s goals– they have seen how sharing knowledge can impact organization-wide goals like scalability and productivity and are willing to put in the time to make it happen.

5.They know how much benefit knowledge sharing can confer – they also have seen the benefits for their customers/colleagues/partners.

6.They understand the customer’s perspective – they capture knowledge with the intention of sharing with their customers, so they have to put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

7.They can write for the next person to read – and then they take that knowledge and translate it into something valuable to address the same situation, the next time.

8.They are great coaches – they have seen the pitfalls and are willing to help the rest of the team overcome them.

9.They can tell stories about how big a change knowledge sharing can make – they have great, personal stories of how much knowledge-sharing practices can benefit an organization and can help build buy-in from teams and executives.

10.They will help lead your organization to success in the 21st century – not sharing knowledge is so 20th century.

So, do you actively look for knowledge-sharing veterans when you hire a new team member? How have they worked out in your organization?

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