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Align your business objectives and your employees around your customer.

Seem impossible?  It was — until now. Our new flagship software, Klever Insight, can help you achieve this. Get started today. Learn more about joining our beta program.

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“As a result of our partnership with Klever, we were able to reduce the publishing time from days to 32 minutes and improve content health so that 27% of our articles covered 80% of usage.”

– Sandeep Kondaiah, Program Manager, Knowledge Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“We selected Klever because it is a professional organization that had the tools, expertise, and capability to assess our perceptions and confidently guide our next steps.”

– Ashimendu Bose, Director, CSC Infrastructure, Automation and Knowledge Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

For all the companies who launch a new knowledge management program every 3 years, this approach will deliver results once and for all, and keep the success coming–even after 3 years.

John Ragsdale, VP Technology Research, TSIA