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An award-winning, global enterprise software and services company, we provide customer support optimization solutions and work with customers to build innovative knowledge sharing practices. 

Unlike firms that advocate a purely technology-based approach, Klever improves the people and process side of service effectiveness. We make existing enterprise support platforms better by improving productivity between 30 and 300%. Klever has improved the experience for millions of end-customers with marquee clients and partners including HP Enterprise, Oracle, Allianz and Salesforce.

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For all the companies who launch a new knowledge management program every 3 years, this approach will deliver results once and for all, and keep the success coming–even after 3 years.

John Ragsdale, VP Technology Research, TSIA

“Klever takes a unique and creative approach to KM by automating years of learnings in the field. Klever capabilities and methodologies are built on a flexible and scalable platform. I highly recommend Phil and Klever.”

Charlie Isaacs CTO, Customer Connection Salesforce


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